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Adroddiad Monitro Cyllideb

Cyfalaf a Refeniw 2015/16



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·         I ddatgan i’r Pwyllgor Craffu sefyllfa y gyllideb ar ddiwedd y flwyddyn ariannol 2015/16.



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·         Cyng. Pam Palmer (Cymunedau)




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14th JULY 2016



Revenue & Capital Budget

Monitoring Report 2015/16




The year-end position for the financial year 2015/16 is attached and indicates that:


Revenue Budgets


Corporate Revenue Budget (Appendix A)


The final outturn figures indicate an overspend for the financial year at departmental level of £33k, which has been offset by an underspend of £1,399k on capital charges. The resultant outturn has meant that the Authority has transferred £280k to its general reserves for the 2015/16 financial year.


Department for Education & Children


The Education & Children’s Services Department is showing a net overspend of £735k at year end.


The main adverse budget variations relate to school based EVR and redundancy costs (+£793k); EOTAS (Education other than at School) (+£408k); Fostering services & support (+£160k); Adult & Community learning (+£137k); Corporate Parenting & Leaving Care (+£122k); Respite Units (+£119k); Out of Hours Service (+£60k) and Legal fees (+£53k).


These are partially offset by under-spends across the department in Staff vacancies, secondments and maximising use of grant funding (-£486k); Out of County educational placements (-£259k); Centrally managed schools budget (-£116k); School Meals (-£108k) and Children’s Services management & support (-£69k).


There is £609k available in departmental reserves leaving a shortfall of £126k at year end.



Department for Communities


The Department for Communities has an under spend of £8k for the year.


The Older People / Physical Disabilities Division has an underspend of £95k due to a reduction in-home care packages (£913k), staff vacancies within the Enablement service (£202k) offset by the non-achievement of efficiency savings re. Older People Day Centres of £410k, overspend of £204k relating to Local Authority Residential Homes loss of residents contributions through lower placement & loss of potential flexi bed income and an overspend on Private Residential Care of £598k. There are other staff vacancies and operational savings of £192k.


The Learning Disability / Mental Health Division and Support Services has an underspend of £21k. There are  overspends on Direct Payments of £235k due to additional packages and  Employment & Training Day Services of £104k due to lower grant income due to a change in funding arrangements.  Progress is being made to achieve the savings on residential and supported living placements and this area has an underspend of £37k due to additional Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG) and Health income. There are savings on staff vacancies and other operational budgets (£323k).


The Housing Services & Public Protection Division is showing an overspend of £58k. This is due to staff vacancies and a reduced spend on supplies and services in Public Protection (-£67k) and an overspend in Council fund housing primarily on Supporting People services (£125k) as the development fund is required in future years as service is being re-configured.


The Leisure Services Division is showing an overspend of £49k.  Archives is over by £61k as a result of expenditure relating to the mould eradication contract. Burry Port Harbour is over by £15k due to increased dredging costs and a reduction in end of year stock at Pembrey Ski Shop accounts for £23k. These overspends are offset by a number of in year staff vacancies across the Division.



Environment Department


The department is showing an overspend of £213k at year end which will be met from its departmental reserves.


The Transport & Engineering Division is showing a net underspend of £55k for the year. Civil design is showing an overspend of £33k due to under recovery of income as a result of a vacant post, and the Park and Ride service is estimated to be overspent by £46k following a policy decision to remove funding. Public Transport is anticipating a £36k underspend following service adjustments to manage budget pressures elsewhere within the division. There is also expected to be a £36k underspend in Car Parks as a result of an increase in income banked and a £64k underspend on school transport.


The Property Services Division has an overall overspend of £253k. Building Maintenance is expecting to be £198k overspent due to non achievement of their income target as a result of a reduction in the Carmarthenshire Housing Standard related work. Repairs & maintenance of Parks and PCs are overspent by £31k as asset transfers have not as yet taken place and PAT testing £22k are overspent as there is no budget for these functions. Building Cleaning is overspent by £42k due to an increase in overtime and superannuation costs. This is offset by a £62k underspend in the Grounds Maintenance section due to ongoing efficiency savings.


The Street-Scene Division has an overspend of £93k at year end. Flood defence is overspent by £37k due to non delivery of severance efficiency, Highway maintenance is overspent by £69k due to resurfacing works, Public Conveniences are overspent by £21k due to full extent of proposed savings not yet delivered until assets transferred, Cleansing efficiencies not yet met due to demand of £71k. These are offset by savings on licence fees at landfill site of £35k, a delay in improvement works at Ammanford Cemetary due to weather £21k and a £22k saving in rights of way as a result of a vacancy.


The Policy & Development Division is overspent by £46k mainly due to £36k severance efficiencies not being delivered.


The Planning Division is underspent by £124k. Within the Planning Division an overspend in Development Management due to a reduction in planning fee income of £29k is offset by a £46k saving on vacant posts, 2 members of staff being charged out to an externally funded scheme (£74k) as well as additional grant income of £14k.



Chief Executive’s and Corporate Services Revenue Budget (Appendix B)


The Chief Executive’s Department is showing an underspend at year end of £296k. Corporate Savings proposals of £400k on Standby Costs and £100k on Health & Safety provision have not yet been implemented although this has been partially offset due to a one off sale of old printers as part of the printer rationalisation programme (£60k), an in year underspend of £264k as a result of energy budget rationalisation and £31k on vacant posts.


The Regeneration & Policy Division is underspent by £53k overall. There was a £226k underspend on vacant posts and a £48k underspend on the carbon reduction scheme. These were offset by a £63k overspend on Coroners costs, a £21k overspend on residual CCTV staff prior to cessation of service, a £22k overspend on Translation due to increased demand, £34k of essential equipment replacement, £21k contribution to set up costs of “The Hub”, £34k Nant Y Ci running costs as a result of proposed closure of building not taking place and £24k additional by- election and canvassing costs.


The Administration & Law Division is underspent by £297k. This is mainly due to staff vacancies of £151k, additional Searches income of £40k, £24k in Admin supplies & services and a £76k underspend on Democratic mainly due to savings on allowances.


The People Management & Performance Division is underspent by £93k. This is due to £62k of vacant posts in year along with a saving on Business Support Supplies & Services costs of £34k.


The Corporate Services Department is showing an underspend at year end of £611k.


The Financial Services Division is underspent by £409k. This is due to £452k of vacant posts which is offset by a reduction in the recoverable council tax costs.


Audit, Risk and Procurement is underspent by £72k due to vacant posts.


ICT is underspent by £336k due to vacant posts in anticipation of a realignment along with delays in installation of network circuits and delivery of hardware.


The Corporate Property Division is breaking even.


There is also an underspend on audit fees due to less grants being audited of £45k, an underspend on Rent Allowances paid of £86k and a £37k underspend on staff training. This is offset by an overspend on Miscellaneous services due to an increase in the bad debt provision. (£390k)



Capital Budgets

Corporate Capital Programme Monitoring 2015/16 (Appendix C)

The total near actual net expenditure for 2015/16 is £40.041m compared to the allocated net budget for the year of £51.825m, this indicates a variance of -£11.784m (Under spend).

Chief Executive’s & Corporate Services Capital Programme Monitoring 2015/16 (Appendix D)

St David’s Park -£450k due to delay in procuring works.


IT -£740k due Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Budget allocated for payment that is due 1st April 2016 and review of works.


Eastgate Development -£290k due to delay - currently in procurement and design stage









YES – A list of the main variances is attached to this report.







I confirm that other than those implications which have been agreed with the appropriate Directors / Heads of Service and are referred to in detail below, there are no other implications associated with this report. 



Owen Bowen


Interim Head of Financial Services

Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities




Risk Management Issues

Staffing Implications

Physical Assets










3. Finance 




Corporate – The final outturn figures indicate an overspend for the financial year at departmental level of £33k, which has been offset by an underspend of £1,399k on capital charges. The resultant outturn has meant that the Authority has transferred £280k to its general reserves for the 2015/16 financial year.


Chief Executive and Corporate Services – The Chief Executive Department is showing an underspend at year end of £296k. The Corporate Services Department is showing an underspend at year end of £611k.




The reported under spend of -£11.784m will be incorporated into the future years of the Capital Programme.





I confirm that the appropriate consultations have taken in place and the outcomes are as detailed below:



Owen Bowen


Interim Head of Financial Services

1. Local Member(s) – N/A

2. Community / Town Council – N/A

3. Relevant Partners – N/A

4. Staff Side Representatives and other Organisations – N/A

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2015/16 Budget

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