17th JULY 2016



Forthcoming items for next meeting –

Wednesday 5th October 2016




Discussion Topic





Asset Management Plan



This item will provide an opportunity for consultation with the Committee during the formulation of the Council’s Asset Management Plan.



Procurement Strategy



The Committee has requested that a focus group be established to assist with the review of the Council’s Procurement Strategy. This item will provide the main Committee with an opportunity to comment on the revised strategy document.



Council’s Engagement Mechanisms – Task & Finish Monitoring



During 2014/15, the Committee agreed the recommendations emanating from its Task and Finish Group review, which were subsequently endorsed by the Executive Board in January 2015 and referred to the Constitutional Review Working Group for further consideration. The Committee has a role in terms of monitoring the progress being made in implementing the recommendations. 



Budget Monitoring 2016/17



This is a standard item which allows members to undertake their monitoring role of the departmental and corporate budgets.



Welsh Language Promotion Strategy 2016-2021



This item will enable the Committee to consider and comment on the development of this strategy.






Discussion Topic





Performance Monitoring 2016/17 (Q1)



This is a standard 6-monthly report which allows members to undertake their monitoring role in relation to the relevant departments’ services. The report also includes details of the compliments and complaints received by the relevant departments. Following agreement by the Scrutiny Chairs & Vice-Chairs Forum, all the scrutiny committees will now receive performance monitoring reports for quarters 1 and 3 from 2016/17 onwards. The end of year position will be captured as part of the Council’s Annual Report and Improvement Plan document. 



Policy & Resources Scrutiny Committee Annual Report 2015/16



In accordance with Article 6.5 of the Authority’s Constitution, each Scrutiny committee “must report annually to full Council on their workings and make recommendations for future work programmes taking account of resources available and amended working methods.” This report will provide members with an overview of the Committee’s work during 2015/16.




As requested by members of the Committee at its meeting in February 2014, the latest version of the Committee’s Forward Work Programme is included with the forthcoming items (on next page).




Policy & Resources Scrutiny Committee – Forward Work Programme 2016/17

(as at 5th July 2016)



09 June 16


14 July 16


05 October 16


30 November 16



11 January  17


8 February 17


22 March 17


28 April 17


Draft CCC Improvement Plan 16/17 and Annual Report 15/16



Treasury Management Annual Report 2015/16



Asset Management Plan


Welsh Language Standards Annual Report 2015/16


3-year Revenue Budget Consultation 2017/18 to 2019/20



Treasury Management Policy & Strategy 2017/18


Budget Monitoring 2016/17



ICT Strategy Monitoring (to include no. of emails tracked)

Asset Transfer Annual Report 2015/16


Treasury Management 2016/17 (Q1)


Performance Monitoring 2016/17 (Q1)

Budget Monitoring 2016/17


5-year Capital Programme Consultation 2017/18 to 2021/22 


Treasury Management 2016/17 (Q3)

Performance Monitoring 2016/17 (Q3)

Third Sector Funding Challenge Panel Update

Third Sector Spend Review


EOY Performance Monitoring 2015/16


Council’s Engagement Mechanisms (T&F Monitoring)


Treasury Management 2016/17 (Q2)


CEX & Corporate Services Business Plans 2017/18

Public Service Board Annual Report 2016

Actions & Referrals Update



Email Usage & Management Policy


EOY Budget Monitoring 2015/16

Welsh Language Promotion Strategy 2016-2021


Ageing Well Plan Update

Council’s Well-Being Objectives 2017/18




Portable Device Usage Policy


TIC Annual Report 2015/16 and Business Plan 2016/17



Scrutiny Committee Annual Report 2015/16


Actions & Referrals Update






P&R Scrutiny Committee FWP 2016/17


Tackling Poverty Action Plan

Procurement Strategy








Actions & Referrals Update


Budget Monitoring 2016/17