14eg GORFFENNAF 2016



Cynllun Gweithredu Trechu Tlodi



Ystyried y materion canlynol a chyflwyno sylwadau arnynt:


1.    I nodi’r cynnydd wrth gydlynu ymagwedd Cyngor Sir Gâr wrth drechu tlodi gan gynnwys sefydlu Panel Ymgynghorol Trechu Tlodi.


2.    I gynnig adborth ar y cynllun gweithredu.




·         I adrodd ar gynnydd gydag ymagwedd y Cyngor i’r dyfodol er mwyn sicrhau ffordd o weithio ar Drechu Tlodi yn y Sir sydd wedi ei gydlynu ac i nodi adborth o drafodaethau’r Grŵp Ffocws Trechu Tlodi a sefydlwyd gan y Pwyllgor Craffu Polisi ac Adnoddau.



Angen cyfeirio’r mater at y Bwrdd Gweithredol / Cyngor er mwyn gwneud penderfyniad: NAC OES




Aelod y Bwrdd Gweithredol sy’n gyfrifol am y Portffolio:

Cyng. Pam Palmer (Cymunedau sy’n cynnwys Trechu Tlodi)




Y Gyfarwyddiaeth:

Prif Weithredwr


Enw Pennaeth y Gwasanaeth:

Wendy Walters



Awduron yr Adroddiad:

Gwyneth Ayers



Rebecca Llewhellin







Prif Weithredwr Cynorthwyol (Adfywio a Pholisi)



Rheolwr Polisi Corfforaethol a Phartneriaeth


Swyddog Llywodraethu Perfformiad a Pholisi



Rhifau Ffôn / Cyfeiriadau E-Bost:




01267 224112



01267 224659


01267 224164







14th JULY 2016



Tackling Poverty Action Plan




Tackling Poverty Focus Group


Further to a recommendation by the Policy & Resources Scrutiny Committee a cross party members Focus Group was established to look at:


·         improving co-ordination of tackling poverty initiatives delivered by the Council;

·         identifying gaps in existing provision; and

·         identifying priorities for tackling poverty going forward.


The group consisted of six elected members in total with two members from each political group. Officers from Council departments responsible for tackling poverty programmes and the Executive Board Member with responsibility for tackling poverty and Anti-Poverty Champion (Cllr Pam Palmer) supported and advised discussions.


Three meetings of the group were held looking at the following issues:


a.    Current activity and approaches to tackling poverty across Carmarthenshire County Council – information on the current structure used to co-ordinate tackling poverty activity was presented. This consists of three key priority areas as identified by Welsh Government: preventing poverty, helping people into work and improving the lives of those living in poverty. Members also received an overview of current activity delivered by Council departments which includes a number of Welsh Government funded programmes.


b.    Statistical overview of poverty in Carmarthenshire - members received key statistics for Carmarthenshire in relation to poverty in order to gain an understanding of some of the key issues affecting the County.


c.    Future work programmes - members received information on future programmes currently under development which, if secured, can contribute towards tackling poverty. 


The Focus Group identified three key priorities for further consideration:


1. Affordable childcare;

2. Access to financial support / form filling; and

3. Overarching co-ordination for tackling poverty interventions across Council services.




Tackling Poverty Action Plan


Based on the Council’s Divisional Business Plans for 2015-16 a tackling poverty action plan was developed to provide an overview of the work currently being undertaken which contribute towards tackling poverty. An end of year report for this action plan is included with this report and the action plan is currently being updated for 2016-17.


Given the significance of the tackling poverty agenda the Focus Group recommended establishing a Tackling Poverty Advisory Panel to support the Executive Board member with responsibility for the agenda. Approval for the establishment of this Advisory Panel was received on 24th May 2016 and the first meeting of the Panel is scheduled for Monday 11th July 2016. This Panel will be able to regularly monitor the Action Plan and identify areas for further development.














I confirm that other than those implications which have been agreed with the appropriate Directors / Heads of Service and are referred to in detail below, there are no other implications associated with this report. 


Signed:   Wendy Walters          Assistant Chief Executive (Regeneration & Policy)


Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities




Risk Management Issues

Staffing Implications

Physical Assets










1. Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities – The Council needs to ensure a consistent approach to the tackling poverty agenda across all of its departments which will then support the development of a county wide approach engaging with other organisations (through the PSB) and directly with communities.



3. Finance – Not at this stage, however, any proposed service development and/or specific campaigns to be undertaken would need to be fully costed before implementation.







I confirm that the appropriate consultations have taken in place and the outcomes are as detailed below:


Signed:   Wendy Walters          Assistant Chief Executive (Regeneration & Policy)



1. Local Member(s) – N/A

2. Community / Town Council – N/A

3. Relevant Partners – N/A

4. Staff Side Representatives and other Organisations – N/A


Section 100D Local Government Act, 1972 – Access to Information

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Welsh Government Tackling Poverty Action Plan (2012)



Copies available through Rebecca S Llewhellin