In order to ensure effective Scrutiny, Members need to be clear as to the purpose of requesting specific information and the outcome they are hoping to achieve as a consequence of examining a report.  Limiting the number of agenda items may help to keep meetings focused and easier to manage.

Proposed Agenda Item





Reason for report

What is Scrutiny being asked to do? e.g. undertake a full review of the subject? Investigate different policy options? Be consulted on final proposals before decision making? Monitor outcomes /implementation?


If the item is for information or for noting, can the information be provided in an alternative format i.e, via email?

2019/20 Well-Being Objectives Corporate

Performance Monitoring Report Qtr 3 - 1st

April to 31st December 2019

This is a standard 6-monthly report which allows members to undertake their monitoring role in relation to the relevant departments’ services.

 To enable members to exercise their scrutiny role in relation to performance monitoring and to ensure that any areas of concern are identified and the relevant action taken.


2019/20 Well-Being Objectives Departmental

Performance Monitoring Report Qtr 3 - 1st April to 31st December 2019

The report sets out the progress against the actions and measures in the New Corporate Strategy 2018-2023 to deliver the 2019/20 Well-being Objectives relevant to the Committee’s remit

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 requires public bodies to take all reasonable steps to meet their Well-being Objectives

Quarterly Treasury Management and Prudential Indicator Report 1st April 2019 to 31st December 2019

This is a standard quarterly update in relation to Treasury Management

The Revised CIPFA Treasury Management Code of Practice 2017 stipulates that there should be regular reporting to Members and Member scrutiny of the treasury policies. The Policy and Resources Scrutiny Committee is responsible for ensuring this effective scrutiny of the treasury management strategy and policies.


Revenue & Capital Budget Monitoring Report 2018/19

This is a standard item which allows members to

undertake their monitoring role of the departmental and corporate budgets.

The Committee is being requested to scrutinise the budget information.


Policy & Resources Scrutiny Committee Actions and

Referrals Update

These quarterly updates provide details on progress made in relation to actions and requests

which arose at previous meetings

To enable members to exercise their scrutiny role in relation to monitoring performance.



When choosing a topic a Scrutiny Committee should consider whether:-


·                                                scrutiny could have an impact and add value

·                                                the topic is of high local importance and reflects the concerns of local people

·                                                the resources are available that would be required to conduct the review, in terms of resources and budget

·                                                it avoids work duplication elsewhere

·                                                the issue is one that the committee can realistically influence

·                                                the issue is related to an area where the council, or one of its partners, is not performing well

·                                                the issue is relevant to all or large parts of the local area

·                                                the review would be in the council’s interests.



Topics are not suitable for scrutiny when:


·                                                the issue is already being addressed elsewhere and change is imminent

·                                                the topic would be better addressed elsewhere (and will be referred there)

·                                                scrutiny involvement would have limited or no impact upon outcomes

·                                                the topic may be sub-judice or prejudicial to the council’s interest

·                                                the topic is too broad to make a review realistic

·                                                new legislation or guidance relating to the topic is expected within the next year

·                                                the topic area is currently subject to inspection or has recently undergone substantial change.