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Mechanical issues caused to cars and other motorised vehicles

Advice directly taken from DfT’s Local Transport Note 1/07 on Traffic Calming states ‘Vehicles travelling over road humps at appropriate speeds should not suffer damage,

provided the humps conform to the Highways (Road

Hump) Regulations’.

Please note that the proposed humps will conform with Highways Regulations.


Excessive number of speed humps in Llanelli.

Vertical measures are introduced in areas with high vehicle speeds.  Physical measures, such as speed humps are the most effective means of lowering speeds. 

Humps were requested by residents of Pentrepoeth Road and with the support of Local Members.

Any introduction of vertical measures requires formal consultation with objections being considered by the Executive Board Member.


Speed humps cause issues to emergency services and discomfort to patients

Emergency services are consulted directly as part of the process. They are asked to comment or object. We didn’t receive any comment from the services as part of this specific scheme.