25 Tachwedd 2019



Gwasanaeth Cymorth Ieuenctid Sir Gaerfyrddin


Ystyried y materion canlynol a chyflwyno sylwadau arnynt:


·         Bod y Pwyllgor yn ystyried Cynllun Busnes Gwasanaeth Cymorth Ieuenctid Sir Gaerfyrddin 2019-20, ac yn cyflwyno sylwadau arno.


·         O fewn hyn, roedd y Pwyllgor yn awyddus i adolygu:

        -  Darpariaeth grant i gefnogi gwaith yn y trydydd sector.

        -  Cynhwysedd adrannol.




·         Mae Cynllun Busnes 2019-20 y Gwasanaeth Cymorth Ieuenctid yn rhoi gwybodaeth am y strwythur, trefniadau llywodraethu a’r adnoddau (cyllid a staff) sydd ar gael i’r gwasanaeth.


·         Mae’r Cynllun yn disgrifio’r prif feysydd gweithgarwch a’r prif risgiau sy’n gysylltiedig â phlant a phobl ifanc sydd yn y System Cyfiawnder Ieuenctid. Cynhwysir gwybodaeth am ddefnyddio data, datblygiad y gweithlu a’r risgiau posibl o ran darparu’r gwasanaeth yn y dyfodol.


·         Er mwyn i’r aelodau gyflawni eu dyletswyddau craffu mewn perthynas â monitro perfformiad.


Angen cyfeirio’r mater at y Bwrdd Gweithredol / Cyngor er mwyn gwneud penderfyniad: NAC OES

Aelod y Bwrdd Gweithredol sy’n gyfrifol am y Portffolio:

Cyng. G. Davies (Addysg a Phlant)


Y Gyfarwyddiaeth:

Addysg a Phlant


Enwau Penaethiaid y Gwasanaeth:

Aeron Rees



Aneirin Thomas




Awdur yr Adroddiad:

Gill Adams       






Pennaeth Cwricwlwm a Lles 




Pennaeth Gwasanaethau Addysg a Chynhwysiad



Prif Rheolwr Gwasanaeth Cymorth Ieuenctid

Rhifau Ffôn / Cyfeiriadau E-Bost:



01267 246532




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01554 744322







25th NOVEMBER 2019



Carmarthenshire Youth Support Service Business Plan 2019-20


Service Background


Carmarthenshire Youth Support Service was established on 1/1/16, bringing together the Carmarthenshire Youth Service and the Carmarthenshire Youth Offending Service under a single integrated management structure. The Youth Support Service allows for the development of a more holistic approach to the delivery of youth support services across Carmarthenshire.  The service retains the statutory functions of the Youth Justice Team; promotes the ethos of working together to deliver targeted support and retains elements of direct universal youth work provision.




A service that provides a robust range of support from open access to specialised support, enabling children, young people and young adults (aged 8-25 years) to access what they need, when and where they need it so that they can reach their full personal, social and educational potential.


Developing a Youth Support Service Business Plan for Carmarthenshire


The production of an annual Youth Support Service Business Plan has to meet the requirements of a variety of audiences:


·         The Youth Justice Board – as a legislative requirement (Crime & Disorder Act 1998) and condition of grant

·         YSS Youth Justice Local Management Board members and others who are part of the YOT partnership

·         The County Council – both strategically and for scrutiny

·         Youth Support Staff as an operational plan


The plan therefore has to meet legislative, grant making and business planning requirements.


Grant provision to support work in the third sector


Youth Support Service funding sources demand a focus on the delivery of targeted interventions in terms of youth work, prevention work and youth justice provision. Grants are formally reported against either on a quarterly or half yearly basis and this requires a considerable amount of information gathering.


Most of the funding is committed to staffing, However, the service allocates some funding under Service Level Agreements to the third sector, for example the Urdd and Dr Mz for youth club provision activities within the county.

Due to grants being awarded on an annual basis, funding commitments need to be reviewed annually.


Departmental Capacity

The Youth Support Service brings together staff responsible for providing a range of services extending from youth work provision and support to the delivery of youth justice services and administrative, performance management and business support. Staffing comprises of 66 (full-time equivalent) staff, as well as sessional workers; a seconded Police Officer (full-time); a seconded Probation Officer (0.5 of a week) and clinical/nursing input from CAMHS. Staff sit across 5 teams, but within these arrangements, it is critical that staffing and resources can be allocated in accordance with the needs of children, young people and young adults for best outcomes.


In 2019/20, WG have shown a renewed commitment to youth work in 2019/20, having increased the WG Youth Support Grant from £183,403 to £539,311. Within this funding there is an emphasis on delivery of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework as well as strengthening youth work delivery in relation to emotional/mental health and wellbeing and homelessness prevention. This has served to increase staffing capacity in relation to ‘traditional’ youth work. Therefore. the service will have increased capacity to support outreach and universal provision.













We confirm that other than those implications which have been agreed with the appropriate Directors / Heads of Service and are referred to in detail below, there are no other implications associated with this report.



Aeron Rees  



Head of Curriculum and Wellbeing 



Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities




Risk Management Issues

Staffing Implications

Physical Assets










1. Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities


The Carmarthenshire Youth Support Service Business Plan 2019- 20 contributes to one of the key Wellbeing Objectives outlined in the County Council’s Corporate Strategy 2018 – 23. It also actively contributes to section 17 of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998, which requires Local Authorities to have done all we reasonably can to reduce crime and disorder locally.






We confirm that the appropriate consultations have taken in place and the outcomes are as detailed below:



Aeron Rees  


Aneirin Thomas  

Head of Curriculum and Wellbeing


Head of Education Services and Inclusion



1. Local Member(s) – N/A  


2. Community / Town Council – N/A


3. Relevant Partners – The Youth Support Service - Youth Justice Local Management Board members have been consulted about this plan.


4. Staff Side Representatives and other Organisations – N/A


Section 100D Local Government Act, 1972 – Access to Information

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