5TH JULY 2019


for next meeting to be held on 30th September 2019

In order to ensure effective Scrutiny, Members need to be clear as to the purpose of requesting specific information and the outcome they are hoping to achieve as a consequence of examining a report.  Limiting the number of agenda items may help to keep meetings focused and easier to manage.

Proposed Agenda Item



Reason for report


Quarter 1 New Corporate Strategy Performance Monitoring Report 2019/20


This is the standard quarterly Performance Management report on our progress in delivering the objectives/actions and targets set out in the New Corporate Strategy. It covers those elements of the strategy that fall under the remit of this Scrutiny.


To enable the committee to undertake its monitoring role.

Highways Asset Management Plan Annual Statement

This item will provide the Committee with an annual update on the progress of the Highways Asset Management Plan.


The Committee is being requested to consider and comment on the annual progress.

Environmental Protection Annual Report 2018/19 & Service Delivery Plan for 2019-20


A combined report which provides information on the work undertaken by the Environmental Protection department during 2018/19 and sets out the department plans for 2019/20.

The Committee is being requested to consider and comment on the work undertaken by the department over the last year and its plans for next year.

E&PP Scrutiny Committee Annual Report 2018/19

Article 6.2 of the County Council’s Constitution states that a scrutiny committee must:


“Prepare an annual report giving an account of the Committee’s activities over the previous year.”

The Committee is being requested to consider and approve the Environmental and Public and Protection Committee’s Annual Report for the 2017/18 municipal year.


Budget Monitoring  2019/20

This item enables members to undertake their monitoring role of the Environment Department, Public Protection Services and Community Safety Team’s revenue and capital budgets.

The Committee is being requested to scrutinise the budget information as part of their scrutiny role.


Items circulated to the Committee under separate cover
since the last meeting held on 10th June 2019


No items have been circulated to members of the Environmental and Public Scrutiny Committee for information since the last meeting.