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1ST JULY 2019



The purpose of this report is to seek approval to commit funding towards the development of the Riot Skate Park.


Llannon Community Council is currently developing a masterplan to redevelop and transform the Park. As part of the consultation process for the wider park development, there has been a strong need identified for the development of a Skate Park to provide opportunities for young people within the area.

The proposed Stake Park will be designed to a top specification, with ambitious plans to stage world class events. Skateboarding will be an Olympic Sport in 2020 which will further raise the profile of skateboarding as a sporting activity. The proposed facility will be designed to a specification that will support learners through to professionals and will be fully accessible for disabled skaters. The development will also include the installation of CCTV to ensure the safety of users.

The ‘Riot’ Skate Park Committee has been established to lead on the proposal and to oversee the management of the project from business planning through to the development of applications for funding. The Committee is made up from young people from the area.

The Riot Skate Park Committee is currently in the process of developing applications for funding for the development of the Skate Park. A commitment from the Authority would provide the leverage to secure funding from other sources.

Benefits to the community:

The Skate Park will provide a well needed facility for all ages, groups and abilities.

Riot Skate Park Committee are keen to promote the Skateboard culture in Carmarthenshire as a means of promoting well-being for young people in the area. Research demonstrates that Skate Parks lower crime and anti-social behaviour as well as having significant physical and mental health benefits.

There will be a significant amount of volunteering opportunities as a whole which will not only enhance skills and confidence but it will also give greater opportunities for the job market. 

The Skate Park will have a positive economic impact on the area, drawing in visitors from across the County and beyond. The nearest outdoor skate park of similar specification is located 44 miles away in Haverfordwest therefore there will no displacement of activity. The Ramps facility in Llanelli is of a smaller scale and is predominantly indoor.

Costs and Funding Package:

The indicative cost for the development of the Skate Park is £500,000. A detailed business plan, including designs and costings, is currently being developed for the project.

Match funding will be sought from Llannon Community Council as well as a range of funding programmes including National Lottery People and Places Programme. Any funding contribution from the Authority would be subject to review of the business plan as well as confirmation that the full funding package has been secured.

Project Governance

The project will be managed by Llannon Community Council in partnership with the Riot Skate Park Committee.  Llannon Community Council has strong governance, financial capability and has successfully managed grant funded projects. Llannon Community Council will act as the lead applicant in the submission of applications to funding bodies.

Land ownership

The Authority has granted a long term lease to Llannon Community Council via a Community Asset Transfer for the land where the proposed Skate Park will be situated.

Community Consultation

A)   Llannon Community Council commissioned Menter Cwm Gwendraeth to undertake a Parish Plan for Llannon Community Council. The Parish Plan particular emphasises the lack of sporting opportunities for people in the area.  


B)   The Riot Skate Park Committee have been fully committed to this ambitious proposal and have led on several additional consultation and community engagement events:

·         November 24th 2017 - a consultation evening for members of the community was held at the community hall to input into the design of the proposed skate park.

·         April 13th 2018 - Skaters from around Carmarthenshire attended County Hall to demonstrate their support for a new Skate Park development at the Park. More than 80 young people filled the Council Chamber

·         25th July 2018  - local Carnival – awareness raising activities

·         August 15th 2018 - St. Catherine’s Walk Carmarthen August 16th 2018 – design meeting with Freestyle Skate park designers

·         Social media e.g. 321 active members on Facebook

·         News Coverage – BBC and S4C


Further consultation will be undertaken as part of the business plan development e.g. County Scouts group etc




The wider Park Masterplan project has received support from the Community as described below:

·         A high number of young people

·         Upper Gwendraeth Valley Sports Club and Community Association

·         Sports Development – positive discussions with Area Sports and Leisure Manager and Active Young People Officer have taken place

·         Rugby and Football Clubs

·         Family Centre

·         Scout’s Association

·         Local retailers e.g. Andrew’s Shop

·         Great Mountain Club

·         Care in the Community

·         Old Age Group

·         Doctor’s Surgery




















I confirm that other than those implications which have been agreed with the appropriate Directors / Heads of Service and are referred to in detail below, there are no other implications associated with this report :


Signed: Chris Moore      Director of Corporate Services                           


Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities





Risk Management Issues

Staffing Implications

Physical Assets 











Grant funding will be provided upon confirmation of the Business Plan and the securing of the match funding for the project.  Full project cost estimate is to be provided by Llannon Community Council.


Funding for the grant has been set-aside in earmarked reserves.


Grant commitment from the Authority is up to £250k




Risk Management Issues

As the project is still at the business planning stage, it is proposed that a funding commitment is made subject to receipt of a detailed business plan and confirmation that the full funding package has been secured.






I confirm that the appropriate consultations have taken in place and the outcomes are as detailed below


Signed:          Chris Moore                    Director of Corporate Services                                                       


1.    Scrutiny Committee: N/A

2.Local Member(s)  - Cllr. Emlyn Dole and Cllr Dot Jones

3.Community / Town Council - N/A

4.Relevant Partners 

Consultation and support has been received from the following:

·         A high number of young people and skaters

·         Upper Gwendraeth Valley Sports Club and Community Association

·         Sports Development – positive discussions with Area Sports and Leisure Manager and Active Young People Officer have taken place

·         Rugby and Football Clubs

·         Family Centre

·         Scout’s Association

·         Local retailers e.g. Andrew’s Shop

·         Great Mountain Club

·         Care in the Community

·         Old Age Group

·         Doctor’s Surgery


5.Staff Side Representatives and other Organisations  - N/A



Section 100D Local Government Act, 1972 – Access to Information

List of Background Papers used in the preparation of this report: