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Regeneration & Leisure Executive Board Report

Welsh Church Fund 2018 - 2019

Report Author: Caroline Owen

Tel: 01269 590216

Balance Available: £60,070.00


Report Value: £13,000.00



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Application Reference – WCF-18-23


Project Title

Village Hall Community Building Extension


Llanarthne Village Hall


Project Description

In July 2007 a 60 year legacy came into fruition and the community in and around the village of Llanarthne were to benefit from a purpose built community centre on land donated to the charity, which officially opened in 2008.


The hall has a number of specific aims to ensure a variety of beneficial social activities take place and when the hall was constructed provision was made for further developments intending to increase the scope of general sustainability and community benefits. The design of the hall incorporates sustainability, including social, environmental and economic aspects and sits sensitively in its environment, with geothermal heating in association with solar panels ensure that its carbon footprint is light.


The facility is well utilised by various community groups and is also available to hire for wedding receptions, parties, conferences, meetings and other events.


The outdoor recreation facilities are utilised by the general public daily, due to the accessibility of the children’s play area, green space, picnic area, and parking, irrespective of the hall being open, which has been a main reason for this project delivery, due to the community requesting accessible public toilet facilities.


This project, which has full planning permission is to build an extension on the existing facility, which will incorporate disabled toilet, baby/changing facilities, shower facilities and a new meeting room, along with storage facilities, to free the existing meeting room within the hall to be refurbished into a coffee bar.


This project will work in partnership with the Towy Valley Cycle path, creating an “Intermediate Hub” which will serve as a physical connection point to the route of the cycleway, providing people a sustainable and healthy travel option, connecting with villages between the two main towns of Carmarthen and Llandeilo.


This project will inevitably create two jobs, a caretaker to ensure the toilet & shower facilities are open to the general public on a daily basis, and a catering assistant to run the coffee shop during the hours of 10am and 4pm, which will also be a boost to the local economy.


The project will also provide access to services for which consultation has also been undertaken in providing a community library, OAP Club, mother and toddler group, also various surgeries, in line with community needs, to be established through further community consultation over the next few months.


The hall enjoys the full support of the community council who provide both financial support and advice on all matters relating to maintaining and developing the hall as a hub of the community and enjoys the support of the community the individuals and organisations that use the facility, as it is valued and enjoyed as a place for all to meet.


This project delivery will complement the cycle path development project and further consultation with the project lead will be undertaken to develop the hall as a bike hire facility, generating an additional income stream.


Cllr and Officer Consultations Undertaken

·         Cllr. Ann Davies

·         Sam Palmer – Project Officer Towy Valley

·         Simon Charles – Transport Strategy & Infrastructure Manager

·         Judy Roberts - Llanarthne Community Council

·         Peter Bowen – Llanarthne Community Council

·         Dilwyn Morgan -  Llanarthne Community Council

·         Mark Jewell – Library Services Manager

·         Julian Edwards – Development & Built Heritage Manager

·         Mike O’Shea – Welsh Government


Ownership/ Lease


Value of Community        Investment


Capital costs







Revenue costs





Ineligible costs



Amount of grant requested


Value of Levered Funds





£92,160.00 – Extension Building Costs & Internal works

£15,000.00 – Plumbing, Electrics, Fittings

£20,000 – Coffee Bar Facilities

£2,160.00 – Furniture

£3,600.00 – Fixtures/Fittings




£7,280.00 – Caretaker Salary

£16,785.00 – Catering Assistant

£4,800.00 – Quantity Surveyor

£600.00 – Architect plan fees






£10,000.00 – Maximum Award




£20,000.00 – Targeted Finance Fund – applied

£25,000.00 – Community Facilities Programme – applying

£5,000.00 – Community Council – applying

£15,000.00 – Garfield Weston – Applied

£15,000.00 – Bernard Sunley – Applied

£90,000.00 – Lottery People & Places – Applying

Funders to be applied exceed overall costs due to some applications being rejected, due to insufficient funds available.


Economic Benefit

·         Number of individuals into training/education - 4

·         Number of individuals into volunteering - 16

·         Number of individuals into employment

·         Number of community groups assisted - 25

·         Number of social enterprises created

·         Number of social enterprises supported

·         Number of jobs created - 2

·         Number of jobs safeguarded

·         Public and private leverage funding - £152,385.00

Officer Comments

This project aims to support the development of sustainable rural communities by improving access to services through the facilities it offers, which are community led, sustainable and of direct benefit to the community.


Building connections with the wider community and engaging with all newcomers to the village, increasing footfall, providing additional income, this in turn will increase the hall’s future sustainability and its ability to provide services and activities for future generations.


The future development is ongoing as it is expected that the hall will continue to provide the community with the necessary services by adapting to the future needs of the village. It is intended that key services will continue into the future as part of the development of the hall as the hub of the community as all services are essential to the health and wellbeing of the community.


The hall to date is self-sustainable, however, in order to be able to develop new services for the benefit of the community it does require some assistance through grant funding.


Officer Recommendation


Award - £10,000.00



Subject to

Match funding being secured to deliver the project

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Application Reference – WCF-18 -22


Project Title

Interior Improvements – Phase 1


Glynhir Golf Club

Project Description

This project is being implemented due to the request of the community which has been ongoing for a period of two years through consultation events, involving members, the wider community and users of the facility.


The period of consultation has resulted in the need to improve the facilities, which are said to be dated, requiring the refurbishment in developing a pleasant and fit for purpose  community environment, allowing in catering for social, educational and recreation needs, enriching relationships, reducing social isolation and interaction for all.


Disabled facilities were identified as an issue, and a disabled toilet with baby changing facilities has been installed. This project is to revamp the conservatory room and lounge area, with a more modern feel, including new tables incorporating flexible sitting arrangements with comfortable chairs, fitted blinds, as currently there are no coverings for the windows, which causes issues from direct sunlight, also the installation of energy performance air conditioning system due to the unbearable heat in hot weather, also refurbishment of ladies and men’s toilet facilities.


The facility supports CCC Manor road day services activity programme in providing service users with a learning disability the opportunity in receiving valuable time to exercise, learn new skills and just feeling part of community activity, empowering them to feel valued, respected and making a new network of friends.


The project hopes to involve more young children, their parents and the many elderly people living alone who feel isolated and on the periphery of society. The feeling of physical and mental wellbeing will be enhanced in individuals and will have a positive effect to the whole community.


The “Quality” of care in the community would undoubtedly be greatly improved by this project and the redevelopment will create an attractive and visually improved multipurpose facility. This will physically, socially and environmentally benefit the area, which will impact positively on the lives of local residents, a step towards area renewal. The redevelopment of the facility will improve the delivery of services to members of the community.


This overall re-development is to re-position Glynhir Golf Club in establishing a "Community Hub" committed to widening participation in recreational facilities, hence increasing footfall.


Total Project Cost


Eligible Capital 







Eligible  Revenue


Ineligible Costs


Amount and % of grant requested


Value of Levered Funds



£6,689.53 – Tables/chairs/fittings/material

£2,250.47 – Energy performance air conditioning

£3,800.00 – Integral window blinds

£1,560.00 – Solar Ceiling Film

£9,500.00 – Refurbish toilets

£6,300.00 – Decoration/flooring







£3,000.00 (Maximum award)



£10,000.00 – Lottery Awards for All – secured

£17.100.00– Own funds secured /fundraising events


Cllr and Officer Consultations Undertaken

·         Cllr Anthony Davies

·         Cllr Dai Nicholas

·         Stuart Griffith – Llandybie Community Council

·         Manor Road Day Centre



Ownership is with Glynhir Golf Club

Economic Benefit

·         Number of individuals into training/education

·         Number of individuals into volunteering - 3

·         Number of individuals into employment

·         No of community groups/organisations assisted - 15

·         Number of social enterprises created

·         Number of social enterprises supported

·         Number of full time jobs created

·         Number of jobs safeguarded

·         Public and private leverage funding - £27,100.00


Officer Comments

The Aim of the project is to address the present and future needs of the community by providing a range of activities and events that are accessible to all and that meet their needs. The aim being to revitalize the community, enrich relationships and reduce social isolation and make them more sustainable in the future.

Apart from all the listed users of the facility, undertaking various community activities, they have a junior golf camp held in the school holidays open to all children between the ages of 6-18, also "new to golf" initiative to get ladies more active, also "slow play days" whereby a person with dementia can play with a buddy and taking this forward finding guests from the community to interact with individuals who have dementia.


Officer Recommendation


Award - £3,000.00


Subject to