Y Cyngor Sir

 Dyddiad: 20 Chwefror 2019


Penodi swydd Y Prif Weithredwr a Phennaeth y Gwasanaeth Taledig.


Yr Argymhellion / Penderfyniadau allweddol sydd eu hangen:

1.    Bod y Cyngor Sir yn cymeradwyo’r Proffil Swydd a Manyleb y Person ar gyfer y swyddi Cyfarwyddwr Addysg a Gwasanaethau Plant a Chyfarwyddwr Adfywio a pholisi.



2.    Bod y Cyngor Sir yn cymeradwyo’r Hysbysebau Swyddi atodedig er mwyn sicrhau y gellir hysbysebu’r swydd hon yn gyhoeddus yn unol â gofynion Reoliadau Awdurdodau Lleol (Rheolau Sefydlog) (Cymru) (Diwygio) 2014.



·         Er mwyn cydymffurfio â Chyfansoddiad y Cyngor, ac i gydymffurfio â diwygiadau i Reoliadau Awdurdodau Lleol (Rheolau Sefydlog) (Cymru) (Diwygio) 2014, fel y mae wedi’i nodi yn yr adroddiad cryno amgaeëdig. 



Ymgynghorwyd â’r pwyllgor craffu perthnasol:

Pwyllgor craffu a’r dyddiad:






Angen i’r Bwrdd Gweithredol wneud penderfyniad: Angen i’r Cyngor wneud penderfyniad:







Aelodau’r Bwrdd Gweithredol sy’n gyfrifol am y Portffolio:

Y Cyng. Mair Stephens                 Y Cyng. Linda Evans

Y Cyng. David Jenkins                 Y Cyng. Jane Tremlett

Y Cyng. Hazel Evans                     Y Cyng. Emlyn Dole

Y Cyng. Glynog Davies               Y Cyng. Philip Hughes

Y Cyng. Peter Hughes-Griffiths

Y Cyng. Cefin Campbell

Y Gyfarwyddiaeth:

Prif Weithredwr


Awdur yr Adroddiad:

Paul Thomas




Prif Weithredwr Cynorthwyol ( Rheoli Pobl)

Rhifau Ffôn / Cyfeiriadau Ebost:


01267 246123














County Council

Date: 20th February 2019


Recruitment to the post of Chief Executive & Head of Paid Service



1. Background

Members will be aware that the Chief Executive/Head of Paid Service, Mr Mark James, has tendered his resignation effective from the 9th June 2019.

The post of Chief Executive is a Chief Officer post and any appointment to such a post where the salary is £100,000 or more, is governed by the Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2014.  This is reflected in the Authority’s Pay Policy for 2018/2019. The Regulations require that a “relevant body” ie the County Council:

(a)“draw up a statement specifying—(i)the duties of the officer concerned, and

(ii)any qualifications or qualities to be sought in the person to be appointed;

(b)make arrangements for the post to be publicly advertised in such a way as is likely to bring it to the attention of persons who are qualified to apply for it; and

(c)make arrangements for a copy of the statement mentioned in paragraph (a) to be sent to any person on request.”

As this post attracts a salary of £100,000 or more, it must be publicly advertised.  The only exception to this requirement being where the appointment is being made for a period of up to 12 months.

For Members information, in terms of an appointment to the post, the Appointments Panel (A) of 16 Councillors will be brought together as part of the recruitment and to make recommendations to County Council regarding suitable candidates. The final decision will be a matter for County Council.

2. Recommendations


In accordance with these Regulations, It is recommended that County Council endorse:


2.1    the enclosed Job Profile and Person Specification


2.2     the job advertisement to be used to advertise the post externally


2.3    that the post be remunerated in accordance with the recommendation of the Council’s Pay Policy Advisory Panel taking into account the recommendation from the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW).


3.  Interim Arrangements ( if required)


Members are advised that the role of the Council’s Deputy Chief Executive includes the responsibility to undertake the full range of duties and responsibilities of the Chief Executive/Head of Paid Service in the absence of the Chief Executive. Therefore, should there be a requirement, the current Deputy Chief Executive, Mr. Jake Morgan, would cover these duties as Acting Chief Executive/Head of Paid Service during any interim period until a permanent appointment is made to this post, for which an honorarium payment would be made.  The Corporate Management Team would also assume additional responsibilities over this period within their existing roles and plan for any additional support that will be required during this time.




No, however the following documents are attached as appendices:

·          Job Profile and Person Specification

·         Job Advertisement




I confirm that other than those implications which have been agreed with the appropriate Directors / Heads of Service and are referred to in detail below, there are no other implications associated with this report.


Signed:   Paul Thomas Assistant Chief Executive



Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities









Risk Management Issues


Staffing Implications


Physical Assets










1. Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities – In accordance with the Council’s Constitution and Policy Framework.



2. Legal – As above, and also in accordance with the revisions to the Local Authorities (Standing Orders)(Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2014. The Council has a statutory duty to appoint a Head of Paid Service under Section 4 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, this role is fulfilled for the Council by the

Chief Executive.



 The proposed salary for the Chief Executive is within the current budgeted

salary. Any net costs of the recruitment process and interim arrangements will be met from departmental reserves.

4 Risk Management Failure to make provision to discharge the functions contained within this departmental portfolio, efficiently and effectively would place the authority at risk.


5. Staffing Implications – In accordance with the Council’s Constitution and Policy Framework.





I confirm that the appropriate consultations have taken in place and the outcomes are as detailed below:


Signed: Paul Thomas, Assistant Chief Executive ( People Management & Performance)



1.Executive Board

2. Pay Policy Statement Advisory Panel

2.Opposition Spokesperson Group

3.All political Groups

4.Corporate Management Team

5.Scrutiny Committee – N/A

6.Local Member(s) – N/A

7.Community / Town Council – N/A

8.Relevant Partners – N/A

9.Staff Side Representatives and other Organisations – N/A

Section 100D Local Government Act, 1972 – Access to Information

List of Background Papers used in the preparation of this report:


1.    Local Authorities (Standing Orders)(Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2014.

2.    Pay Policy Statement 2018/19


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