In order to ensure effective scrutiny, members need to be clear as to the purpose of requesting specific information and the outcome they are hoping to achieve as a consequence of examining a report.  Limiting the number of agenda items may help to keep meetings focused and easier to manage.


Proposed Agenda Item



Reason for report


School Performance and Achievement 2017/18

This report will provide a comprehensive overview of the outcomes achieved and provision enjoyed within our schools during the academic year 2017/18. 

To enable members to undertake their key role in monitoring standards of education within the county's schools and assist in determining future priorities as a result of the issues raised from the analysis.

MEP Progress Report to December 2018

This report will provide details of progress achieved to December 2018 in the delivery of the Modernising Education Programme.

This item will enable the Committee to consider and comment upon progress achieved on MEP projects.

Adult Community Learning

This item will provide members with information regarding the Adult Community Learning Service.

To enable members to exercise their scrutiny role.

£0.5m funding for School Development Fund

This item will provide the Committee with an update on the £0.5m funding for the School Development Fund.

To provide members with an update.


Local Authority Education Services Self Evaluation

The Local Authority supports the progression and impact of its services through a range of ongoing evaluation strategies. A key part of this work is the drawing together of our provision and performance via this ‘commentary document’ set in the context of the revised Estyn Inspection Framework for LAs.

To provide members with the opportunity to contribute to the development of the document through consideration of its content at this point.

Healthy Schools Initiative

This item will provide an opportunity for members to comment upon the Healthy Schools Initiative.

To enable members to exercise their scrutiny role.


Items circulated to the Committee under separate cover since the last meeting - None


The latest version of the Education & Children Scrutiny Committee’s Forward Work Programme is attached for information