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Welsh Church Fund 2018 - 2019

Report Author: Sara Sauro

Tel: 01269 590218

Balance Available: £65,239.80


Report Value: £2,181.25



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Application Reference – WCF-18-07


Project Title

Updating Services


Caersalem Independent Chapel


Project Description

Caersalem Independent Chapel is located right in the heart of the community, as an Independent Chapel they encourage the community to utilise the building. Events held include coffee mornings, with the aim of opening our doors to draw new members. St David’s day concert, Christmas Nativity play, Carol services, and Thanksgiving services are also events that draw non-members to attend with the aim of opening the doors and encouraging local residents to attend, also the local junior school visit the building regularly as part of their Pastoral Care lessons.


The main entrance holds a key historical feature of the chapel, currently there are slight issues with the coving located above the main entrance. The condition report of 2017 indicated that 18 meters worth of the coving is in poor condition and required replacement within 12-24 months, hence this is now due.


It is proposed to re-plaster the coving outside and repair the water penetration damaged to the internal wall which has been caused by the poor condition of the coving and replace the main window blind which has also been affected by the penetration. It is envisaged that the works will be conducted by a recognised and experienced conservation led Building Contractor.


Also proposed to install a new sound system that will improve the service delivery they offer for groups participating in special services and concerts, also young musicians and choirs participating in family services, carol services, nativity plays, organ and other recitals, also being able to offer new modernised services for the community.


Restricted funds are in place to cover ongoing running costs of the Church.


Total Project Cost


Eligible Capital 






Eligible  Revenue


Ineligible Costs

£8,728.00 - Gross



Plastering and Coving - £2880.00

Painting and Decorating- £1880.00

I T System- £3628.80

Blinds- £340.00







Cllr and Officer Consultations Undertaken

Consultation has been undertaken with the local and wider community, also current users of the venue, which identified the need for this project and individual letters have also been received as support.


·         Cllr. Liam Bowen

·         James Yeandle – Built Heritage Officer


Ownership/ Lease

Not applicable

Funding Package


Value of Community Investment


Amount of grant requested


Value of Levered Funds






£2,181.25 @ 25%




 £1,000 – James Pantyfedwen – Secured

£5,546 - Awards for All -  Applied


Economic Benefit

·         Number of individuals into training/education

·         Number of individuals into volunteering - 25

·         Number of individuals into employment

·         Number of community groups assisted - 1

·         Number of social enterprises created

·         Number of social enterprises supported

·         Number of full time jobs created

·         Number of jobs safeguarded

·         Public and private leverage funding - £6,546.00

Officer Comments

The Chapel has a lot of local history and whilst the group have given up numerous volunteer hours and used a large amount of their own funds it is essential that the group seeks financial support for the future sustainability of the chapel as a local community venue.


The grant will accelerate the implementation of the project.  It is fully sustainable in both the short and long term. The refurbishment project will ensure that the chapel is fit for purpose and therefore lead to its long term sustainability.


Officer Recommendation


Award - £2,181.25



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