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Executive Board Member Decisions Meeting for the Leader

Targeted Finance Fund

2018 - 2019

Report Author: Caroline Owen

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2018/19 Budget Available - £54,000


Full Report Value: £20,000.00




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Application Reference:  TFF/18/02


Project Title

3G Training Facility


Pontyberem Community Council



Project Description

The proposed project is to convert an existing underutilised tarmac tennis court area within the park to provide a floodlit 3G training facility for use by all local sporting organisations and Ysgol Pontyberem and is being led by a working group established over 12 months ago.


The establishment of the project working group with key local, regional and national partners has ensured that the development of the facility is strategically correct in terms of meeting a clear and identifiable need.  The robust community consultation undertaken to date has highlighted that the provision of a new 3G training facility is the number one priority for sporting organisations in the local area.


They have been keen to liaise with representatives of the All Wales Artificial Surfaces Collaboration Group and Local Authority to identify how the project will complement similar existing and planned facilities in the wider area and the plans have been endorsed based upon the full size 3G facility located in Ysgol Maes y Gwendraeth.


Specifically the project will:


  • Provide dedicated facilities to deliver enhanced training activities and host competitive junior and mini fixtures throughout the season for the local rugby and football teams
  • Guarantee training sessions that have previously needed to be cancelled due to inclement weather will be fulfilled as a result of the project
  • Deliver much needed sustainable training and playing facilities for a wide range of local clubs and organisations operating in the area and beyond
  • Ensure that all year round community sports participation is promoted in the Village


The project will provide a high quality resource that will enhance the range of sports, in addition to the opportunity for increased participation, amongst all age groups irrespective of gender and background within the local community.


By definition and design, the facility will offer a multiple range of sporting activities in a wide cross section of sports to include football, rugby, cricket and primary school curricular and multi-sport events.


Significant beneficiaries of the project will be young people, many of whom come from deprived backgrounds of the local community who will utilise the improved facilities either as members of local clubs and teams or as pupils at the Primary School.


The new facilities will provide improved training and competitive sporting opportunities for the local community and respective clubs and teams who currently have no access to a comparative resource within the local area.


The availability of an artificial floodlit facility will provide a sustainable training venue for all local sporting teams during weekday evenings and weekends and by providing local facilities, more teams will be able host additional training sessions also matches in the Village, throughout the year, increasing opportunities for local children to participate in club based activities.


The proposed project will improve the quality of curricular and extra-curricular activities for 7-11 year olds.  This will be achieved by promoting the use of the pitches by the local Primary School adopting the ethos of Active Young People, working in conjunction with the WRU and Welsh Football Trust Regional Development Officers and Local Authority Sports Development staff to provide new and additional opportunities in a range of sports for all pupils and in particular those children who have not previously participated in extra-curricular activities.


Wider community use will include multi-sport festivals, fun days and summer fetes organised in conjunction with the Community Council and Parks Association.


Carmarthenshire County Council, Sport Wales and the respective Governing Bodies have cited the partnership approach adopted to develop this project as an example of good practice with all sporting organisations working together for a common goal.  

Over and above the health and wellbeing benefits associated with participating in organised club based sessions, the project will provide a fit for purpose venue to deliver a wide range of low impact re-engagement and rehabilitation programmes, which will include exercise referral programmes for those residents leading sedentary lifestyles who have been referred via NERS, Social Care networks, GP’s and CAVS/Hub in Llanelli.


Individuals from the Village will be identified to undertake the relevant courses, funded by the Sports Wales Community Chest programme, to deliver these sessions in the longer term providing a sustainable programme of activities for the local community.


The Community Council will also create a new role of Volunteer Coordinator to ensure that all activities are supervised effectively and safely in addition to developing a comprehensive pool of volunteers increasing the resilience of the local community to provide positive and meaningful activities for local residents.


The development of the 3G pitch also complements the long term strategy for the development of the park to create a vibrant and safe community hub of activity that local people will be proud of and keen to utilise on a daily basis for many years to come.


Total Project Cost


Eligible Capital


Eligible  Revenue


Ineligible Costs



Amount and % of

grant requested



Match funding


£177,850.00 - net



£128,350– Extend tarmac area & install 3G surface

£22,000 – Fencing

£25,000 – Floodlighting

£2,500.00 – Design & supervision fees







£20,000.00 @11.2%



Welsh Rugby Union - £15,000 – secured

Sport Wales – £15,000 -  September 2018

Welsh Football Trust –£15,000 – September 2018

Community Council - £1,850.00 – secured

Welsh Church Fund – £3,000 – applying – September 2018

WG – RCDF - £128,000 – To be applied September 2018


Evidence of Need /

Community Engagement

The need for the project has been established as a result of meetings and discussions with representatives from clubs and organisations locally, which has enabled the Project Working Group to develop a coherent framework to address deficiencies in sporting needs identified by the local community.

Representatives from the Working Group have undertaken a survey of their existing members and residents in the Village to gauge the views and identify the expressed needs of local residents.  In total, 243 completed questionnaires were received and the main findings of the Household Survey include:-


  • 81% of respondents disagreed that there were enough community venues in the area
  • 92% of respondents stated that it was ‘very important’ to have a community venue nearby.
  • Respondents stated that the most important things they would expect to find in a community venue were:-

             “Available to use all year round”

             “Available for a multitude of activities”

             “Serves our children”

  • The most common reasons why residents do not participate in community activities are that “the facilities are poor” and are not available when suitable.
  • The most popular activities amongst respondents to participate in at a community venue, are all weather training sports club activities and fitness.
  • If made available, the majority of respondents stated that they would participate in these activities 2-3 times a week.

Letters of support have also been received from the following organisations in support of the proposed project;


The feedback received from the Survey and letters of support offered unequivocal support for the new facility as a much needed project for the community and in particular children and young people showing 100% support for the project. 


Contributing to key Strategies

The Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015

·         A prosperous Wales.

·         A resilient Wales.

·         A healthier Wales.

·         A more equal Wales.

·         A Wales of cohesive communities.

·         A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language.

  • A Globally Responsible Wales


The Integrated Community Strategy for Rural Carmarthenshire 2011-16

  • People in Carmarthenshire are Healthier
  • People in Carmarthenshire Fulfil their Learning Potential
  • People Who Live, Work and Visit Carmarthenshire Are Safe and Feel Safer
  • Carmarthenshire Communities and Environment Are Sustainable
  • Carmarthenshire Has a Stronger and More Prosperous Economy


Rural Communities Development Fund Objectives - as above with the addition of:

·         Promote social inclusion, poverty reduction, and economic development in rural areas.

  • Help those most deprived in rural Wales and those that have limited scope to change their circumstances
  • Develop resilience and capability of rural communities so that they are better able to cope with and adapt to change.


Swansea Bay City Region Economic Regeneration Strategy 2013 – 2030

  • A more equal Wales -  A society that enables people to fulfil their potential no matter what their background or circumstances (including their socio economic
  • Back ground and circumstances.


  • A Wales of Cohesive Communities:
  • Attractive, viable, safe and well-connected communities.


  • A globally responsible Wales
  • A nation which, when doing anything to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales, takes account of whether doing such a thing may make a positive contribution to global well-being.


Ownership/ Lease

Not applicable

Cross Cutting Themes:

Welsh Language


Equal Opportunities




Environmental Sustainability


  • Welsh Language
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Policy
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Data Protection Policy


The specification of the new playing field surface will include the use of recycled tyres to form part of the new shock pad and rubber crumb, also the project will reduce the reliance upon motorised transport and carbon emissions to travel to other alternative venues.


Cllr and Officer Consultations Undertaken

  • Cllr Liam Bowen
  • Cllr Tyssul Evans
  • Ian Jones – CCC Head of Leisure
  • Chris Munro – Welsh Rugby Union
  • Ceri Richards – Sport Wales
  • Kevin Moon – Welsh Football Trust
  • Pontyberem Parks Association


Roles and Responsibilities within organisation

The whole process of acquiring the funding package, identifying the need, procurement, project delivery and management will be coordinated by the Working Group, which has many years of experience in delivering similar projects throughout the County and across the UK and by working closely together, the group have designed the proposals to effectively use the amount of land available to maximise the benefits coming back to the local community.


The Working Group has significant expertise and experience in implementing sound financial management systems to track expenditure against the project and keep pace with funding secured, incorporating schedules and timescales.


 The Community Council has sufficient reserves to provide the requisite cover for retrospective payments.


An initial 3 month maintenance regime to be carried out by the appointed contractor will be allowed for in the Project Tender and Community Council staff will shadow the contractor during this period to gain a firm understanding of the maintenance responsibilities associated with the project.


Mapping of service/ facility within the area


The sporting organisations and Primary School operating in the local area have no access to a sustainable sporting facility for training and playing activities. 


The installation of the new training facility will also safeguard the grassed playing pitches available for local clubs within the park

Exit strategy

The precept levied by the Community Council will be used to underwrite the costs of managing the new facility.  However, they are confident that given the significant level of unmet demand for such a facility in the area, the income generated from the facility will meet the ongoing running costs in addition to the provision of a sinking fund to replace the carpet in future years.

Outputs to be achieved





  • Jobs created – 1
  • Jobs safeguarded – 2
  • Increased turnover/profitability - £10k
  • Individuals into skills & training – 40
  • New volunteering opportunities – 70
  • New mini junior teams created -10
  • New referral scheme activities created – 5
  • Individuals participating in health related activities – 150


Business Plan/Officer Comments

The findings of the community consultation as highlighted the importance of the project to the rural community.  The project will result in job creation offering skills development that will lead to further opportunities for volunteers to find employment in the future.


The project is the next phase of the park development following the successful completion of a new play area and perimeter fencing for the local community.


The establishment of the Project Working Group with key local, regional and national partners has ensured that the development of the facility is strategically correct in terms of meeting a clear and identifiable need and the robust community consultation undertaken has highlighted that the provision of a new 3G training facility is the number one priority for sporting organisations in the local area.


The group are keen that the momentum gained in developing the project to this point is not lost and see the realisation of this facility as a strategic step in the right direction to maintain and improve existing participation levels in the future.


As participation levels grow amongst the respective sections within the local clubs, more volunteers will be identified and suitably qualified to ensure that activities are undertaken in a safe and secure environment for all. 


Local people will be upskilled in a range of disciplines be that coaching, refereeing, umpiring, safeguarding, facility maintenance, administration and first aid amongst others.  These transferrable skills and experiences will prove to be valuable for those residents seeking new employment or wishing to add value to their existing CV’s.


The development of the project (along with other improvements in the Park) will also give residents a reason for remaining in the Village to participate in activities and invest in their own community rather than travelling significant distances to use comparative facilities in other areas of Carmarthenshire and Swansea.


Economic Benefit

·         Number of individuals into training/education - 40

·         Number of individuals into volunteering - 70

·         Number of individuals into employment

·         Number of community groups assisted - 5

·         Number of social enterprises created

·         Number of social enterprises supported

·         Number of full time jobs created - 1

·         Number of jobs safeguarded - 2

·         Public and private leverage funding - £157,850.00



Award - £20,000.00

Subject to