Schedule 2   Programme Board


1              Governance

1.1          Officer Governance

2              Purpose

2.1          The Programme Board shall have four distinct roles:

(a)          Preparing recommendations on the Swansea Bay City Deal programme:

(i)            Ensuring that all schemes are developed in accordance with the agreed package.

(ii)           Overseeing production of business cases.

(iii)          Preparing recommendations to the Joint Committee and Economic Strategy Board on all schemes whilst ensuring that due regard is given to all advisory/consultation bodies.

(b)          Advising on the strategic direction of the Economic Strategy Board.

(c)          Overseeing performance and delivery of the delivery of projects in accordance with diagram B in Schedule 8.

(d)          Working on a regional basis to improve public services especially in the areas of: economic development; transport, planning and strategic land use; housing and regeneration.

3              Accountable to

3.1          Joint Committee

4              Reporting

4.1          All reports prepared by the Board pertaining to Swansea Bay City Deal and regional or sub-regional matters, once approved by the Board, shall be submitted as draft to the Joint Committee for approval via the Regional Office.

5              Membership

5.1          The Swansea Bay City Region Programme Board shall consist of the head of paid service of each of the Councils or another officer nominated by the head of paid service.

5.2          The Programme Board may co-opt additional representatives to the Board.  Co-opted members may include representatives of the following organisations:

(a)          Swansea University.

(b)          University of Wales Trinity St David.

(c)          Hywel Dda University Health Board.

(d)          Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board.

6              Chair

6.1          The Chair shall be agreed by the Joint Committee.

6.2          The Chair shall be reviewed annually.

7              Voting/Agreement

7.1          The Programme Board shall not have any decision making Powers.

7.2          Agreement shall be reached by consensus.

7.3          Where alternative views and opinions are expressed these shall be recorded and included in any reporting process.

8              Conflicts of Interest

8.1          To allow the Programme Board to undertake all its functions a clear distinction shall be drawn between those involved in specific scheme development and those preparing recommendations on those schemes to the Joint Committee.  A robust system of declaration of conflicts of interest shall be put in place.

8.2          Occasions shall arise where conflicts of interest preclude specific named officers and/or local authorities from taking part in discussions which shall form views and recommendations on specific matters.  Members have an obligation to declare any such interests which shall then be recorded.

9              Proceedings of meetings

9.1          The chair of the Board shall arrange for minutes of the proceedings of each meeting to be taken, approved and recorded.  This role shall be undertaken by the Regional Office.

10           Quorum

10.1       For the Board to agree and submit recommendations, the Councils must be represented up to a quorum equivalent to that of half of the representatives of the Councils on the membership of the Programme Board and must include the 4 Chief Executives or their representatives .

11           Frequency

11.1       The Programme Board shall meet monthly before the Joint Committee meeting and before all quarterly meetings of the Economic Strategy Board.

12           Allowances

12.1       No allowances shall be paid.

13           Servicing

13.1       The Regional Office shall organise appropriate servicing for the meetings.