Education & Children Scrutiny Committee – Forward Work Programme 2018/19


14th May 2018

7th June 2018

4th July 2018

(Joint with SC&H)

5th July 2018

27th Sept 2018

26th Nov 2018

20th Dec 2018

24th Jan 2019

13th Mar 2019

24th Apr 2019

MEP – Proposal to Increase Capacity of Gorslas from 110 to 210

ALN Reform including SEN

Annual Report of Director of Social Services 2017/18

Carmarthen-shire County Council’s Annual Report 2017/18

Prov Exam & Teacher Assessment Results &  Prov School Att Data

School Redundancy & EVR

3-year Revenue Budget Consultation

School Performance & Achievement 2017/18

WG Categorisation of Schools 2018

Corporate Parenting & Safeguarding Panel Annual Report 2018

MEP – Pembrey – Proposal to Increase Age Range From 4-11 to 3-11

E&C Scrutiny Committee Forward Work Programme 2018/19


Carmarthen-shire Music Service

Q1 New Corporate Strategy Performance Monitoring Report 2018/19

Healthy Schools Initiative

Education & Children’s Services Departmental Business Plan 2018/19-2021

MEP Progress Report to December 2018

Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP0

Fostering Annual Report

Task & Finish Review 2015/16 Action Plan Monitoring

Actions & Referrals Update


Positive Behaviour Approaches in relation to Bullying

Adoption Service Annual Report

Local Authority Education Services Self Evaluation

ERW Business Plan 2018-19 and Review of 2017-18 (inc update on curriculum changes)

New Children’s Zone

Wellbeing Strategy

Q3 Performance Monitoring Report 2018/19

TIC Programme for Schools Update



Recruitment and Retention of Staff – Teachers and Headteachers

E&C Scrutiny Committee Annual Report 2017/18

Actions & Referrals Update

TIC Programme for Schools Update


ALN Reform (including SEN)





ERW Core Visits SCC Follow Up

Youth Support Service Business Plan




Actions & Referrals Update