Community Scrutiny Committee

Task & Finish Group 2018/19


Affordable Bungalows within Carmarthenshire


Draft Planning & Scoping Document

Task & Finish Objectives(s)

To review the future need for affordable bungalows within Carmarthenshire and provide options for delivery.





This report has been requested by Community Scrutiny Committee to determine the scope and planning of a Task and Finish Group to examine the future need for affordable bungalows within Carmarthenshire and provide options for delivery.


The population of Carmarthenshire is growing, as is the number of households. Single people households and adult couples without children account for most of this increase. 


In order to determine the future need for affordable bungalows together with the options for delivery we will need to link in with a number of important pieces of research and consultations. This is to make sure we do not duplicate work that is already being carried out and we fully consider all relevant information.


These are set out below and are essential for us to understand what will be needed where, and how we can deliver the recommendations of the group’s work:


Housing Need Assessments


We try and understand need by regularly undertaking a ‘housing market assessment’. This is done by:


·         looking at the type, size and location of the housing people have applied to us for;

·         looking at what becomes available as people move;

·         identifying house prices;

·         assessing the ability for people to pay for housing;

·         comparing the above to population and household changes; and

·         looking at the number of people telling us they have a housing need.


When this has been completed, we then compare the ‘need’ and the likely supply of new homes. This leaves us with a gap in what is needed and what will be provided.


Rural Housing Need Assessment


To ensure that there is an adequate supply of good quality housing for across all areas further Rural Housing surveys will commence in July 2018 in order to help better understand the needs of our rural communities.  This will build on the work already undertaken in two rural communities.


Rural areas face specific local challenges such as affordable housing, an ageing population, rural isolation, and reduced accessibility.  Rural communities make up more than 30% of Carmarthenshire’s population living in over 80% of the geographic area.


The results of the survey will enable us to carry out an analysis by ward and Community Council areas.   Initial findings will be available in October/November 2018 which will enable it to align with the group’s work


Affordable Homes Delivery (Housing Company, RSLs, CCC, S106)


Carmarthenshire produced its first Affordable Homes Delivery Plan in March 2016 which aimed to deliver over 1,000 additional affordable homes over the 5 years.


The delivery plan will increase the supply of affordable homes using a range of innovative solutions including managing private sector homes (social lettings), bringing empty homes back into use, buying private sector homes as well as providing additional homes through Council and Housing Association partners (RSL) new build schemes.


By fully utilising opportunities when they arise the Council, RSLs and the recently established Housing Company can make the best use of financial resources available to provide as many additional homes as we can.


The delivery plan looks to deliver the most cost effective solutions, and takes account of funding that can be used directly by the Council, what the Housing Company and RSLs can access.


LDP – (Candidate Sites)


The Council also has to produce a Preferred Strategy document for the Carmarthenshire LDP. The Preferred Strategy document will outline the Plans vision, issues and objectives, preferred level of growth and preferred spatial strategy.


The Preferred Strategy is the first formal publication in the LDP preparation process and will provide the strategic framework for the more detailed policies, proposals and development allocation in the Deposit Draft Plan.


Based on all the information gathered and responses to the previous stages of consultation the Deposit Local Development Plan (a draft version of the LDP) will set out the Council's proposed planning policy up to the year 2026, identifying what can be built and where, including the allocations of land for housing (candidate sites). This will be important to take account of when planning future bungalow provision.


Review of Sheltered and Residential Home Accommodation


The review will explore the vision of delivering housing for older people and how to maximise the use of our resources (Residential Care, Day Centres and Sheltered Schemes).

The main aims of the review will cover:

·         what best fits where in terms of Residential Care Homes, Day Centres and Sheltered Housing Schemes;

·         testing the options against future revenue costs;

·         options for investment planning, development, and re-modelling, to best meet future need; and

·         options for land assembly projects based on future need and agreed vision.


Findings of the Task and Finish Group into Loneliness in Carmarthenshire


The review is focusing on Carmarthenshire’s strategy and delivery plan to address loneliness.  Loneliness is seen by many as one of the largest health concerns we face and there has been growing political interest in loneliness as a significant social problem.


All the above work will feed into the Task and Finish Group’s work on ‘Affordable bungalows within Carmarthenshire’.



Elected Members


·         To be agreed at the Community Scrutiny Committee

Meeting to be held on 25th June, 2018.

·         Up to 6 elected members appointed to reflect the political balance of the Council as whole.

·         Advisors and support officers to be confirmed/agreed.


What will the Task and Finish Group’s work focus on?

·         Reviewing the current demand, need and provision of affordable bungalows in Carmarthenshire;

·         Considering the population and household projections and review the demographics of existing tenants and applicants wishing to become our tenants;

·         Reviewing the type of affordable bungalows most suited to communities (i.e. social, low cost home ownership etc.)

·         Considering the availability and location of land for housing development, based on housing need, as recommended for candidate sites in the LDP;

·         Reviewing the allocation of S106 funding for the delivery of affordable bungalows;

·         Reviewing the most appropriate delivery vehicle for affordable bungalows (i.e. CCC, Housing Company, RSLs);

·         Taking account of the Sheltered and Residential Home Accommodation review;

·         Taking account of the recommendations from the Task and Finish Group into Loneliness in Carmarthenshire;

·         Determining the need for future bungalow provision in the County and the means of delivery; and

·         Formulating recommendations for consideration by the Executive Board.

Scope of the review

This review will focus on the future need and provision of affordable bungalows across all wards within Carmarthenshire.


How it will contribute to achieving corporate/ community objectives and well-being objectives

This review will contribute to the following outcomes from the County Council’s Corporate Strategy 2015-20:


·         People in Carmarthenshire are healthier;

·         Providing services as efficiently as possible, ensuring value for money;

·         Investigating and developing new ways of working and providing services; and

·         Increasing collaboration with our partners and communities in order support the delivery of services.


This review will link directly to the following Carmarthenshire County Council Well-being objective:


·         Strongly connected people, places and organisations who are resilient to change.


This review will contribute to the delivery of the  Carmarthenshire County Council Ageing Well Plan in the following areas:


·         Loneliness and isolation;

·         Dementia Friendly communities; and

·         Age friendly communities.



This review will contribute to the delivery of Carmarthenshire’s Vision for Sustainable Services for Older People by:


·         Promoting independence, community engagement and social inclusion; and

·         Promoting health and wellbeing of older people.

List of key stakeholders

·         Housing;

·         Planning;

·         Social Work Management;

·         Domiciliary Care and Residential Care Services;

·         Mental Health and Learning Disability Services;

·         Housing providers (Housing Company, RSLs);

·         Tenants and Residents;

·         Third Sector;

·         Elected Members; and

·         Others stakeholders will be identified as the work of the group progresses.

What information/ documents are required to inform the work of the study?

To be agreed at the meeting of the Community Scrutiny

Committee to be held on 25th June, 2018, which may include:

·         Housing Need Assessments;

·         Rural Housing Need Assessments;

·         Affordable Homes Delivery Plan;

·         LDP Preferred Strategy – (Draft submission);

·         Findings of the review of Sheltered and Residential Home Accommodation; and

·         Findings of the Task and Finish Group into Loneliness in Carmarthenshire;


This list not exhaustive

The main outcomes of the review

·         Making recommendations to meet future affordable bungalow need across the County and the best means of delivery. This will include:


-       Size and type;

-       Where bungalows are most needed;

-       Tenure types; and

-       What the bungalow offer should look like, especially in terms of reducing isolation.


Timescale for completion of the review

1.    Draft Planning & Scoping document to Community Scrutiny Committee- 25/6/18

2.    Research and evidence gathering period – September to December 2018.

3.    Developing future options and recommendations- January to March 2019.


T&F Group






1.    Agree overall approach for the review

2.    Draft project plan




Evidence analysis:

·         Review of housing demand and need, including rural housing and tenants

and residents future expectations.



Evidence analysis:

·         Findings of the Task and Finish Group into Loneliness in Carmarthenshire

·         Findings of the Review of Sheltered

and Residential Home Accommodation



What is the evidence telling us and what are potential future options for delivery?



Confirming future options and drafting recommendations



Draft report with recommendations.


April 2019


Final Report to Committee


Community Scrutiny are asked to consider and comment on:


·         The proposed approach to the Task and Finish Group’s work.

·         The planning and scope of the work to be undertaken.