11EG  Mehefin 2018





Yr argymhellion / penderfyniadau allweddol sydd eu hangen


Ystyried a threialu system Hunanwasanaeth newydd ar gyfer Treuliau Cynghorwyr.


Y Rhesymau:


Bydd newid i system hunanwasanaeth ar gyfer Cynghorwyr, hefyd yn galluogi aelodau etholedig i gael mynediad ar unwaith i'w gwybodaeth.



Ymgynghorwyd â’r Pwyllgor Craffu -             Amherthnasol

Angen i’r Bwrdd Gweithredol wneud penderfyniad NAC OES     

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YR AELOD O'R BWRDD GWEITHREDOL SY'N GYFRIFOL AM Y PORTFFOLIO – Y. Cyng. David Jenkins (Adnoddau) a’r Cyng. Mair Stephens (Rheolwr Busness y Bwrdd Gweithredol)

Y Gyfarwyddiaeth

Enw Pennaeth y Gwasanaeth:

Linda Rees-Jones

Awdur yr Adroddiad:

Gaynor Morgan



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11th june 2018








The Democratic Service has recent taken part in a TIC review project, the key objectives of the TIC programme  is to help the council deliver cashable efficiency savings as part of its response to the financial challenges that it faces in the short, medium and long term and also to  deliver improvements to the quality of services, while also making those services more efficient.


One of the issues raised prior to and as part of the review was whether Councillors could move to a system of Self Service for member expenses, using a separate element of the  Authority’s integrated HR, and payroll system which is used by the Authority’s staff (Resource Link). Discussions have taken place with the Payroll Manager to ascertain whether it is  possible to develop a separate section on Resource Link (officer time cost only) specifically for elected members and an agreement was reached that a specific piece of work would be undertaken to achieve this.


Once this separate section of Resource Link has been developed, it is recommended that a pilot scheme be undertaken in order for the self-service system to be tested prior to a decision being made to move towards a self-service system  of Councillor Expenses.


Councillor self-service would  allow Councillors to :-


Submit their Mileage and Expenses Claims on line

Change their personal details i.e. address, bank details etc

View Payslips on line (paper payslips to cease)


Training on the Resource Link system will be provided to all Councillors in order to manage this process of change.









I confirm that other than those implications which have been agreed with the appropriate Directors / Heads of Service and are referred to in detail below, there are no other implications associated with this report :


Signed:   Linda Rees Jones, Head of Administration & Law                    


Policy, Crime & Disorder and Equalities





Risk Management Issues

Staffing Implications

Physical Assets 




NO – see below






Moving to a system of self-service for Councillors would reduce printing costs, save administration time and resources which would assist the Authority in managing its financial pressures.


Any costs that arise will be minimal and will be met from within existing budgets.




The Authority already operates the Resource Link System, this will be adapted to create a separate streamlined system for Councillors

Staffing Implications


All claims forms will be checked by the Democratic Services Unit prior to processing (similar to the arrangement in place for staff where claims require Manager approval).





I confirm that the appropriate consultations have taken in place and the outcomes are as detailed below


Signed:   Linda Rees Jones, Head of Administration & Law                    



1.Scrutiny Committee

Not applicable

2.Local Member(s)

Not applicable

3.Community / Town Council

Not applicable

4.Relevant Partners 

Not applicable

5.Staff Side Representatives and other Organisations 

Not applicable

Section 100D Local Government Act, 1972 – Access to Information

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