Carmarthenshire County Council

Councillor’s Annual Report


Guidance Notes


Section 5 of Part 1 of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011, requires County Councils to make arrangements for elected members to make an annual report about his/her activities as a member of the authority during the year to which the report relates.  (Members of the Executive Board are also required to make an annual report about his/her activities as a member of the Executive Board during the same period).  The authority is then required to publish all such annual reports.


The main purpose of annual reports is to provide your constituents with details of your key activities over the past year.


Whilst the local authority has a responsibility to provide the mechanism for annual reports to be published, there is no requirement for Elected Members to complete an Annual Report. However, all political groups will be requested to actively promote the completion of Annual Reports by all of their members, the content is the responsibility of individual councillors.  Therefore, the content should:


o   be factual and non-political;

o   be written in the past tense;

o   adhere to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, the Data Protection Act and the Members’ Code of Conduct;

o   not name individuals, or enable individuals to be identified;

o   not be interpreted as being critical of another member;


It is entirely the elected member’s decision regarding how much information to include in each section.  However, it is recommended that the report is kept to a maximum of 2 A4 pages.


All Councillors will be e-mailed a template for completion, with guidance on what should be included in each section.


Completed reports should be returned to the Democratic Services Unit (DSU) for proofing/checking.  If there are any concerns regarding the content of the report, you will be contacted to discuss this.


The report will then be forwarded to the Translation Unit.


Once both Welsh and English versions are ready, they will be added to your page on the  Council’s website.






Carmarthenshire County Council

Councillor’s Annual Report


This annual report outlines the activities of the Councillor named below for the period May 20__ to May 20__ (the Council’s Municipal Year).  It is provided for the information of constituents, and for no other purpose.  The views expressed in the report are those of the Councillor and do not necessarily reflect the views of Carmarthenshire County Council.


Councillor: Joe Bloggs

Electoral Division: Anywhere


Section 1: Role & Responsibilities


Council Committees

Attendance Record

County Council

6 out of 12


Planning Committee (Vice-Chair)

10 out of 15


Education & Children Scrutiny (Chair)

12 out of 12



Section 2: Constituency Activities


Description of duties undertaken within the ward – including issues raised via the Councillor Enquiry system.  Details of surgeries held. Any major initiatives or special projects associated with relating to their ward.



Section 3: School Governing Bodies


List of School Governing Bodies

Attendance Record

Anywhere CP School

2 out of 4


Anywhere High School

4 out of 4



Section 4: Outside Body Representation


List of outside bodies

Attendance Record

Anywhere Organisation

2 out of 4



Section 5: Learning & Development


Opportunity to list any courses/learning sessions attended and any personal development undertaken.



Section 6: Other Activities and Issues


Opportunity to list anything else constituents would be interested in.





Signed by Councillor: