Responsible Officer(s)

Comments & Status Update

RAG Status


Agree the key components of 11-14, 14-16 and 16-19 shared curriculum offers


January 2017


Approved by elected members in Jan 2017



Implement the agreed curriculum model across all Carmarthenshire Secondary Schools, Coleg Sir Gâr and Carmarthenshire based Welsh Government contracted training providers


January 2017


Identified curriculum model subject to on-going implementation linked to WG curriculum reforms. Full implementation planned by September 2020



Agree the revised shared governance and local authority commissioning structure for the revised curriculum offer



November 2016


Revised shared governance structure with one overall committee agreed in October 2017



Develop a commissioning model to underpin the full implementation of the Post-16 Planning and Reporting system for Sixth Form Provision



November 2016


Portion of Post 16 Grant used for commissioning of shared provision for 2017-2018 academic year



Identify shared priorities for further capital developments based on the curriculum models and the needs of the local economy linked to Swansea Bay City Region priorities;



January 2017


Food technology facility completed at St John Lloyd as final part of Llanelli Vocational Village developments. On-going discussions with MEP Team re possible new capital developments at secondary sites.



Utilise Carmarthenshire Education Improvement Grant Funding (or any replacement funding) to support vocational course delivery in the identified growth sector areas (elder and early years care, engineering, energy and environment construction, tourism & hospitality, food and agriculture, creative industries, STEM industries,  ICT and professional services) at Coleg Sir Gar and training providers for school pupils in Key Stage 4 and 5


November 2016  and on-going annually


EIG funding supporting shared courses in engineering and construction for 2017-2018 year. Pilot creative industries project planned for summer 2018.



Build on existing partnership relationships with local businesses to focus skills demands and employability of new labour market entrants within Carmarthenshire to ensure that local demands are met

January 2017 and on-going


Links with developing with employers via work-related learning developments, shared governance group and  RLP contacts





Ensure strong links with the Swansea Bay City Region Economic Regeneration Strategy 2013-2030 to enable a strategic fit with the key economic sectors being targeted and local progression to Higher Education in the identified priority sectors



January 2017 and on-going


Good links with RLSP team and potential for further work with RLP Employer groups in 2018/2019



Utilise regularly updated labour market intelligence on which to make informed decisions together with data on sector growth trends and growth sectors for employment on an on-going basis



January 2017


On-going contact with RLSP staff with teaching materials linked to Welsh Baccalaureate in developed for Spring Term 2018.




Implement a programme of blended and e-learning learning to deliver the 16-19 curriculum in low take-up AS and A Level subjects in both Welsh and English



September 2017 – on-going


Pilot programmes running in YGG Bro Myrddin, YG  Maes Y Gwendraeth and Y Strade in 2017/2018 year. Further delivery planned for September 2018.



Implement the actions identified in the Carmarthenshire Youth Engagement and Progression Plan to reduce the number of young people who become NEET


September 2016 on-going


On-going delivery of 6 elements of the YEPF during 2017-2018 year.



Continue to track the destinations of young people to support effective Post 16 and Post 19 transitions through the local implementation of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework – see  http://gov.wales/topics/educationandskills/skillsandtraining/youthengagement/?lang=en





September 2016 on-going


Youth Service Staff identifying and tracking young people via VAP, SEET and SVLG groups and links with Careers Wales. Schedule of annual meetings on-going in 2018 with delivery for young people via Youth Support Service, Cynnydd and Cam Nesa projects in 2018



Provide targeted support for vulnerable young people including those with disabilities and most at risk of becoming NEET utilising ESF funding via the Cynnydd (11-18 in school) and Cam Nesa (16-24’s who are NEET) projects for this work



September 2016 on-going



Cynnydd Project has been providing additional support since Sept 2016. Cam Nesa project approved in Nov 2017 and staff now being appointed with delivery planned from March 2018.



Support the progress of the most able and talented secondary learners via the Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire Seren Hub and


Seren Hub delivery on-going

MM/Seren Hub Steering Committee

Seren delivery on-going to April 2018 – Hub co-ordinator appointed



Support teachers, lecturers and other practitioners to develop young people’s learning about the world of work through a County-wide approach to the delivery of the revised Welsh Baccalaureate (on-going);


September 2016 on-going


Co-ordinators in post and on-going support plan for 2018 in place.



Embed meaningful employer involvement in curriculum change, including strong links with key local employers and County Council regeneration departments (by September 2016 and on-going) ;


January 2017


Limited progress with this action – linked to WG curriculum changes



Consolidate the existing strengths of partnership working with FE colleges and training providers through the implementation of revised partnership structures (by September 2016 and on-going) ;


Sept 2016 on-going


Delivered through shared governance structures and senior manager meetings taking place bi-monthly through 2018.



Ensure that the full requirements of the Careers and the World of Work Framework are delivered in Carmarthenshire (by September 2017) by:

a.      Implementing a format for careers days/ week in Years 7-9 involving local employers and LA regeneration departments and linked to local labour market information and JobCentre Plus data;

b.      Maintaining a work experience placement database (jointly with Pembrokeshire CC)

c.      Undertaking Health and Safety/ safeguarding vetting for all placements commissioned by the local authorities;

d.      Delivering an annual Careers conference for Year 10/11 pupils in partnership with Careers Wales in March 2017;

e.      Supporting one week of work related experience built into Years 10 and 12, with links to the 3 Welsh Baccalaureate challenges, volunteering and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award;

f.        Strengthening links with parents and carers via newsletter/website, information evenings, parent’s evening sessions;

g.      One to one support with school pupils/students by personal tutors for all young people;

h.      Developing Team Around the Family and Youth Worker brokerage roles to support transition to education and training for vulnerable young people ;

f. Early follow up of young people dropping out of school       college in the autumn and winter terms of Year 12.


Sept 2016 on-going

MM/CCC Regen staff /Careers Wales staff /Futureworks

Activities delivered:


Work experience database and H&S checks on-going in 2017-2018


Annual Skills Cymru Carmarthenshire event (8&9th Feb 2018 at Parc Y Scarlets )


Work experience and WRL learning activities in July 2018


Labour Market Information being developed for Welsh Baccalaureate lessons in 2018


Youth Support Service staff providing individual support in schools and out-reach settings


No current progress on links with parents and carers


YEPF and Careers Wales information being used to follow up young people who drop out of Year 12





Annual analysis of labour market information to inform collaborative vocational course delivery and Post 16 planning in the period to 2020

November 2016 on-going


On-going via CCC response to WG Ministerial Priorities for Post 16 funding (submission date pending from Welsh Government in 2018)



Accountability for the progress of these recommendations be overseen via the shared governance clusters, Coleg Sir Gâr Corporate Board, Local Service Board and the Education and Children’s Scrutiny Committees.


September 2016 on-going


Delivered through continuance of shared governance structures and on-going through 2018